We understand that PCI DSS compliance can be intimidating, which is why Nexplay has partnered with
Trustwave®, an industry leader in information security and compliance to help you simplify the process.
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PCI Assist

Data security is constantly evolving , requiring PCI DSS compliance to be validated and maintained every year.

PCI Assist is a set of online tools that has been specially developed with Level 4 Merchants* in mind. With a wizard-style interface and an online security advisor, you’ll be advised on adopting best practices and follow important steps that lead to your PCI DSS compliance and validation.

PCI Assist helps keep your business secure by intuitively walking you through a step by step process to implement best practice tools:

* Level 4 Merchants are those processing less than 1 million transactions annually from all acceptance channels with one card brand, or those processing less than 20,000 e-commerce transactions annually with one card brand.

TrustKeeper® Compliance Portal

For PCI DSS validation services, featuring the PCI Wizard to help identify your business’ steps for compliance.

Security Policy Advisor

Compliance help with PCI DSS policy requirements and develop your own unique internal best practices.

Vulnerability Scanning Tool

TrustKeeper’s external monthly vulnerability scanning tool to schedule and test for over 5,000 vulnerabilities.

Online Information Resources

Help, tutorials, and educational materials.

Trustwave TrustKeeper® Compliance Portal

An efficient set of tools for PCI certification in three easy steps:

Step 1. TrustKeeper’s step-by-step PCI Wizard walks you through a self-assessment interview to assess how your business manages and protects your customers’ credit card information.

Step 2. TrustKeeper uses this information to fill out the PCI certification form (also called the PCI Self-Assessment Questionnaire or SAQ), which you will then have the opportunity to review and submit.

Step 3. Some merchants might be required to complete a “network vulnerability scan” to help ensure their store or website is safe from Internet hackers. If this applies to you, TrustKeeper will also guide you through this process.

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