Leverage the benefits of outsourced managed services, which the majority of businesses & organizations utilize today.

Focus on What's Next

Now, more than ever, companies are outsourcing the responsibility of managing their IT services and infrastructure so they can focus on the business’ core competencies.

Enhanced Security

With today’s technology complexity, the ability to deploy transmission security, minimize downtime, guarantee disaster recovery, and maintain business continuity is more critical than ever.

Cost Effective And Positive ROI

The managed services model grants access to cutting edge technology, infrastructure, and support, resulting in greatly reduced operational expenses and shored up budgets for growth.

Proactive Approach To Maintenance

Managed services provide access to 24x7x365 monitoring & support, translating to a superior proactive approach to detecting and resolving issues before they even occur.


Your very own virtual IT Department-- a complete team of Tier 1, Tier 2, and Tier 3 engineering & support.
Everything you need from an IT perspective.

The right managed services partner can enable properties to refocus their time on more profitable and strategic initiatives. As a Microsoft partner, we can provide every service and solution, customized to your specific needs while providing 24x7x365 support to match the demands of hospitality’s true 24 hour operations.

Our services portfolio helps hotels shift routine tasks and critical IT operational processes to our experienced, certified team. Our programs are cost-effective, scalable, and designed to be easily integrated to augment your internal teams to maintain a well balanced and proactively managed environment. The efficiency of our managed services programs helps our clients optimize budgets and better utilize internal resources for innovation instead of maintenance.

Customer Service

System Administration

  • Our expert team monitors the health of your systems and regularly performs maintenance.
  • Detailed status reports allow your team to review changes and system conditions at a glance.

Active Support

  • Technical – We perform advanced technical diagnostics and continuous process improvement for your systems while supporting your staff.
  • Project Management – We work with your extended vendor network on any integration and troubleshooting needs that may arise.
  • CTO – As your IT partner, we work with your teams to roadmap the changing needs of your environment as you innovate and scale.


Support levels that can be fine-tuned on the fly to adjust to your changing needs.

Support Units

Current technology has evolved so that systems only consume resources as needed, and support should work the same way. Our modular support model allows for personalized blocks of teams to fit into your organization’s needs, without wasted resources. As a global team, we are able to provide 24×7×365 on-demand coverage without compromising service quality any day, any time.

Supplemental Support

We understand there may be times when your team is overwhelmed or understaffed and could use additional resources, but who can predict the future? With Nexplay, you can immediately assign ad hoc projects & tasks and we can augment your team’s efforts on a supplemental basis.

With industry-leading uptime, a state-of-the-art multi-tenant monitoring solution, and predictable monthly fees, Nexplay's managed services provide the best performance possible, and ultimately... peace of mind.