We have more full-service IT solutions specialty experience in premium hospitality
than any other firm, period.

We have been specializing in providing pre-opening, IT/managed services, and cabling infrastructure solutions for the hospitality industry for over a decade, designing and integrating tailored solutions that no other consulting company can offer. We chose this space for two primary reasons: The first is that our founders and technology leadership all have backgrounds in IT management spanning nearly 30 years from five star global hotel brands, providing a unique bedrock of experience. The second is that we knew that if we could perfect the design, engineering, integration, management and support of every technology component for the most elite hotels, we could do it for any business or organization moving forward.

We have a comprehensive understanding of the multi-faceted inner-workings of luxury hotel environments and the various technologies required to drive them. As a true 24-hour operation, hotels have some of the most stringent technology requirements for speed, security, continuity, and uptime, akin to emergency services and power companies. Nexplay has proven its ability to optimally equip and empower properties to maintain these operating standards, time and time again. Additionally, coming from hospitality ourselves, we’ve been embedded with an ethos of white-glove, full-service support and are ready to work whenever our clients need, including nights, holidays, and weekends.


Being experts in hospitality means more than you might think.

We can’t think of a more challenging and “high maintenance” service industry than hospitality. Guests expect premium experiences, so every service must be coordinated, sequenced, and delivered as promised without error. Execution is everything, and with IT at the core of it all to make it happen, it has to work perfectly.

Mission Critical

If a service goes down, guests waste little time filing complaints and become more agitated by the minute. Every outage or malfunction is mission critical and must be fixed & resolved immediately.

Continuous 24 Hour Operation

Most businesses operate 9-5 but in hospitality, there is no rest. As a true 24x7x365 operation, services must be running and supported seamlessly for customers every day, every second.

More People to Support

At any given moment, on-demand support levels and requests fluctuate constantly for both staff and streams of guests, walking through the doors on a continual revolving basis.

Demanding Personalities

Four and five star hotels cater to guests with distinguished tastes who demand perfection. Impeccable service delivery from wifi to guest room entertainment leaves no room for mistakes.

Many 3rd Party Integrations

Hotels use a multitude of applications made by a multitude of providers, requiring specific knowledge and expertise with each to integrate them all flawlessly across a variety of channels.